Mobile App Custom Development Process

If you have any questions or wish to begin with project consultation, please feel free to reach us today.

Protecting Your Ideas

To protect your private information, intellectual & conceptual property, both parties agree upon a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (N.D.A.) before any sensitive information is delivered.

The Development Process

Your satisfaction with the finished product is of the utmost importance to us. Because of this, the team at Global Software adheres to very specific rules for development, project management and the exchange of information to ensure the best results. After a needs assessment and consultation, we ask that clients assign a single point of contact for all project related matters. Design authorizations, change orders, development requests, draft submissions and updates will be communicated with the primary contact. The primary contact will represent the project, with the clients own team.

GSA will assign a project manager to ensure fluidity and efficiency throughout the development phase. Global Software Applications is highly committed to offering only the best in software development and customer service. GSA will help bring your vision to life.

Risk Management Control

As with any project, there is always potential for minor difficulties during the process. This can be for any number of reasons including misinformation from the client, changes of time frame, changes in budget, etc. GSA will work to get a clear assessment on any issues and will work as flexibly as possible to remedy.

Product Management Transfer

Upon completion of development, the final project enters Quality Control for testing. After all final edits are made and testing is closed the final product is delivered to the client for testing and approval. The client may then submit for final changes and requests to edit.

Information to Consider:

Providing as much detail as possible prior to development will ensure a seamless process. A complete scope of work is requested in order to meet all requirements, functionality visions and deadlines. GSA can assist with composing this if needed.

Project Scope

  • What do you require the software to do?
  • What features and functions best characterize your vision of the final product or service?
  • What security precautions are there to consider (For example, protection for credit card processing)?
  • Should the final product be cross-device (Eg: PC, Kiosk, Mobile devices)?
  • Will any certifications be necessary prior to delivery?
  • Will it be necessary to meet ADA guidelines and/or provide Section 508 compliance?

Time Frame

  • What is the desired date for development of the project to begin?
  • What is the target delivery date? This can help us give a workable and realistic timeline for reaching proposed milestones.

Programming Platform

  • Is there a specific computer language or platform the application must utilize?


GSA can accommodate multiple languages for your application providing access for the largest audience.

  • What languages should be included?
  • Will translations be provided by GSA?

Design, Adherence to Company/ Graphic Profile

  • Is there a standardized design profile or branding guidelines to follow?
  • Will design elements (user interface design, logos, fonts, photos) be supplied?
  • Will these elements be provided in a finished format as specified by GSA?

Ongoing Support

  • Will ongoing technical support be required?
  • What is the requested support level?
  • If needed, who will handle the hosting (files or database)?


  • Will the integration of devices such as bill acceptors, card readers, or other specialized equipment be needed?
  • What hardware platform(s), such as kiosks or PCs, will be needed for deployment?
  • Will the hardware be purchased through GSA?